Our Gas Horn Products


Simply Breathe gas horn is a low cost, effective and top quality solution for any company’s signalling needs. All of our gas horns are designed, manufactured and tested in the UK and guarantee to be loud enough, at 120Db, to be heard over working environments, machinery and other industrial noise.

Typical uses include:

  • On site alarm system
  • Back-up alarm system for any company
  • Primary alarm system for smaller companies
  • Emergency signalling system for workers on manufacturing floors
  • Confined space alarm system
  • Personal protection
Marine Gas Horn


For fog, rescue or any emergency signalling, our gas horn is an essential part of every vessel’s safety kit. Our safe and non- flammable gas horns are extremely loud and reach 120 Decibels meaning they can be heard up to a mile away. As well as top quality sound, another advantage of our horns is that they are extremely easy to assemble with a push button activator making the horn reliable and simple.


The Simply Breathe gas horn is great for sporting or leisure activities. The safe, non-flammable gas horn provides a reliable solution for gathering attention or launching an event. Our cost effective gas horn is ideal for coaches, sports officials, lifeguards and referees. Fishermen and Boaters will find the environmentally friendly nature of the gas horn an attractive option.